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Benefits of yoga explained

Benefits of Yoga Explained The benefits of yoga are numerous. That is why more and more people would like to get into it. If you are just about to embark on the journey of learning the discipline, you should know more about what yoga can do for you. Here are only some of what you [...]

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Great yoga exercises

Great Yoga Exercises It can be difficult to find a great yoga routine.  Often, people may be confused which yoga exercises or “poses” are the best.  A lot of times it may depend on what you’re looking for-relaxation, strength and conditioning, balance, posture, core strength, etc.  However, yoga can accomplish all of these things at [...]

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How to use yoga poses for jet lag

How To Use Yoga Poses For Jet Lag Jet lag appears definitely to be one these things: A Condition resulting when travel across time zones leaves a person feeling “out of sync” with local time at his or her destination. That considered, to get you ‘back in sync’, one highly recommended solution will be Yoga [...]

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Naked yoga what’s that?

Naked Yoga – What’s That? Undressed yoga may seem coarse, offensive and most unlikely but it does exist.A large amount of people may not try out doing this but there are some who would truly favor doing undressed yoga. Nude yoga may denote something not fitting to some cultures and societies. There are some places [...]

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